Close your eyes, and think of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

Close them again. Only, this time, envision Wall Street.

Now, allow those two images to intersect in your mind.


Welcome to the corner of King Blvd and Wall St. Our goal is to walk with you through whatever thoughts came to mind during the exercise above while hopefully dispelling some pretty widely held misconceptions about both of these world-renowned avenue names.

Our FROM the BLVD column is a scenic trip down King Blvd: A tribute to black excellence in business and culture. How they see us is one thing, but how we see us is EVERYTHING.

FROM the STREET is curated to bring you up to the minute articles and information from some of the most widely-used stock sites. In the comfort of your own block.

The CORNER is the landing zone for stories too big to sweep into the shuffle of a constantly churning aggregator. Sort of like the front page of the front page.

FROM the FACTORY is our all original content column. Complete with technical analysis snapshots, investment thesis articles, general investment/trading philosophy, and much more, this is the section we hope to really overtake the site within the coming months.


King Blvd and Wall St is more than a just a news hub. We understand that the shift to a wealth mindset can be lonely and overwhelming at times. Sometimes, even the people closest to you may doubt whether you are actually changing for the better. In those cases, “where everybody knows your name” probably isn’t necessarily where “sometimes you wanna go”.

We’re building an entire private community of self-motivated and like-minded people who are here to help, support, and ultimately see each other win. WE are too far behind in the wealth race to handicap one another with unwarranted and unsolicited doubts.


We believe education is vital to closing a widening wealth disparity facing our community at large. We also know that the TYPE of education necessary to properly equip us isn’t readily taught in the traditional American educational curriculum.

At King Blvd and Wall St, we strive to provide a quality and relevant curriculum derived from the shared knowledge base of our founding members in addition to refinements and expansion opportunities afforded by our growing community of wealth-builders.


These people were presented a vision, recognized a need, and each stepped in exactly where they fit in to keep an admitted “work in progress”, well, in progress.

The entire King Blvd and Wall St team is truly excited and working diligently to provide the best information and educational content to our community of subscribers. Meet the squad!

I. Archer

Platform Founder & CEO

Icarus Fly Archer is a former rapper turned chemical engineer turned operational excellence specialist turned self-taught expert swing-trader.

It all really happened… in some order.

S. Johnson

Research/Technical Support

Steve Johnson is an IT/computer wizard with a buy and hold strategy that offers an interesting fundamental point of view.

C. Johnson

Research/Curriculum Support

Chris Johnson, a graduate of the world-renowned Booth Business School at the University of Chicago, is a stock options specialist.

He also has an affinity for growth stocks and penny flips.

J. Tillman

Research/Technical Support

Jay Tillman is an executive at at one of the top technology companies in the world. In addition to a sound bullish investment POV, Jay brings a wealth of business and technical support to the team.

J. Johnson

Research/Business Support

Jess Johnson the founder and CEO of Stockbridge Consulting, LLC. His story is one you have to HEAR to even consider believing.

Expert market analysis with bearish bias.

M. Nappier

Research Contributor/Writer

Marc Nappier is an extremely savvy trader/investor who has managed to level a small account to surpass PDT rule restrictions. A feat I am still working to accomplish as of this typing.