The ticker does not matter…

Have you fallen victim to the “buy every month” interpretation of dollar cost averaging a buy and hold position?

No worries!

We’re going to alleviate some of that pain today. The relief will be quick, and the medicine may prove addictive…

“What’s the script?” you ask.

For members of our Telegram community, we scribbled it out in typical prescription handwriting on a whiteboard.

A quick screenshot (actually a few of them to capture all timeframes as well as ST versions) and we’ve been popping ever since.

Enough already… Djed High View…

The LT WEEKLY INVESTOR Strategy is a buy and hold strategy designed to limit the pain experienced by “dollar cost averaging”.

The goal is to manage risk via:

  • Position Size
  • Strategic EMA-based Entry Points
  • Take Profit Points (core position trading)

The 4th risk management pillar is actually the 1st…

We utilize the KBWS 10 Stock Commandments to determine which tickers to M-onitor.

From a technical standpoint, the Whiteboard systems are incredibly effective as a standalone strategy set.

The TSC provide additional framework to support an informed analysis of the company/sector.

Feeling better???

At least a little???

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