Leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers absolutely must hold a clear vision for where they want to take things.

This allows you to identify opportunities, set ambitious goals and create a roadmap to achieve them. It also helps to foster innovation, creativity and resilience, and inspire and motivate others.


As a new and intentionally present, aware being, the old adage there is no such thing as a stupid question has never in your life been more true.

The “U” in MUSA

People don’t always make the best decisions when hurrying thru large amounts of information.

So, if it looks solid, we pack it up and throw it in the bag.  In the interest of time and caution.

Vibrational Healing

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines epigenetics as the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work.


Psychologically, being aware of “who we are” is a direct correlation to “who we will be”.


Once you have made the decision to immerse yourself into a new environment, the next step is to continually M-onitor or observe your surroundings. 


To be present is a decision with immediate impact to both time and space; a decision that removes any distortions from the current reality.

The “M” in MUSA

How you go about obtaining information is broken into two equally important categories…