From Bias to Brilliance: How Traders Can Outwit Human Nature

As traders, we face the challenge of dealing with our natural tendencies that can affect our decisions in the market. Robert Greene’s book, “The Laws of Human Nature,” sheds light on these biases.  When reading this one for KBWS Library consideration, it was really interesting to draw correlations as to how basic human biases impact …

Bulls vs Bears: Trading the Tecmo Superbull Zone

Gear up for market victory with the Tecmo Superbull Zone – where bullish and bearish forces collide! Discover how daytraders harness the power of the 21EMA and 9EMA to score big in the ever-changing game of trading. It’s a Superbowl showdown of market dynamics and winning strategies!

Decoding Market Moves: Interpreting the Put-Call Ratio for Smarter Trading

The put-call ratio is a widely used financial indicator that provides insights into market sentiment and potential future price movements. It is derived from the trading activity of options, specifically put and call options. To understand the put-call ratio, it’s essential to comprehend the basic concepts of options trading.

The Personal and Community Benefits of Empathy

Remember that empathy is not just about understanding the emotions of others, but also about taking action to support and care for them. With a little effort and a lot of heart, you can become a more empathetic and compassionate person.