How to Become a More Present Trader

4-Bar Setup | Be PRESENT

We’ve looked at the Djed High View of what it means to Be PRESENT

Sometimes, it can feel like these things are easier said than done.

We’ve been there.  So we got you!

Here are four tips to help you apply this affirmation to your trading routine:

1. Practice mindfulness:

Focus your attention on the present moment, paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. 

That’s really all it means to practice mindfulness.

In the market, mindfulness can help traders stay focused on the present conditions and not get overly emotional or reactive to market movements.  By being mindful, we can avoid impulsive decisions and stick to the trading plan.

2. Disconnect from the tech:

We can often get distracted by constant market updates and news. Taking regular breaks from screens and digital devices can help us stay focused and avoid burnout.

This may sound counter-intuitive, especially since we trade in and as a community at KBWS.  Sometimes it can be a welcome change of pace to tune out, zone in and really be present in your own trading experience.

3. Get up, get out and…:

Don’t just sit there during your screen break.  Take this opportunity to be present with, and for, yourself.

Participating in activities like exercise, yoga, or gardening can help you be more in tune with your body and the present moment.  This enables us to make better, more relaxed, decisions when we get back to the matrix market.

4. Cultivate gratitude:

Traders can cultivate gratitude by taking a moment to reflect on what we are grateful for, such as our health, family, and any trading successes to name a few.

Simply having an attitude of gratitude can help to stay positive and remain focused on our long-term goals, rather than getting discouraged by short-term market fluctuations.

At the end of the day, being present can help traders stay focused, avoid distractions, relieve stress, and maintain a positive attitude, all of which are crucial for success in the markets.