Crystal Satchet – BALANCE


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    Green Calcite

    Green Calcite may assist during times of mental change or big transitions.

    It is believed to bring renewed sense of purpose and vitality to make positive change in one’s life as well as forgiveness of others.

    Helpful for reaching mental balance, Green Calcite helps to dissolve old energy patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back.

    Numerological Vibe: 8

    Vitality | Purpose | Compassion

    Orange Calcite

    Orange calcite is particularly good for the lower chakras or energy centers.

    These chakras are involved with our feelings of belonging in the world, being linked to others and the planet, as well as our creativity.

    Orange Calcite is an excellent stone to select to balance the emotions and release feelings of fear and anxiety.

    Numerological Vibe: 8

    Belonging | Creativity | Anxiety

    Red Calcite

    Red Calcite is a vital stone that may increase energy and willingness experience life.

    It is considered a grounding stone that protects energetic and emotional boundaries, alleviating spaciness and over extension of one’s energy.

    Red Calcite is thought to be an excellent stone for women as it is believed to assist with balancing hormones and absorbing minerals.

    Numerological Vibe: 8

    Confidence | Zeal | Passion

    3″ x 4″ Muslin Pouch

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