1) eager to know or learn something

2) strange; unusual

Perhaps, the optimal definition is a combination of the two:

Strangely and unusually eager to know or learn something.

To fully understand the power of being curious, we start with the word “question“.

With our last “BE”, we briefly touched on the charge produced by being aware.

Let’s look into the science behind the word to unlock its power.

An ion is a particle containing an electrical charge. 

Knowing that everything around us and inside us is made of particles (atoms), the most powerful ion in the human make-up is the quest ion. 

Okay.  I sort of reached for that one.  But is it such a stretch after all?

Every thought we produce sends our electrically charged neurons on a quest for information.

But what is a quest?

Webster defines “quest” as a long and arduous search for something.

Imagine that.


By simply pondering a two word sentence, you have commissioned a quest of the single greatest asset we will ever possess; the human mind.

By the same principle, let’s assume you disagree with the thought process presented here. 

Even that disagreement commissions a curious quest for the perfect refuting argument.

“A question opens the mind.  A statement shuts down the mind.”

Robert Kyosaki

So, how do we begin this quest for knowledge?

The average human being processes thousands of thoughts on a daily basis.

Questions, by that standard, are always popping into our heads.

As a new and intentionally present, aware being, the old adage there is no such thing as a stupid question has never in your life been more true.

It is not enough to simply ask a question though.

With all of these commissioned quests, someone has to be the General: responsible and accountable for providing a purpose-driven plan.

Ideally, this should be you.

We’ve been exploring the M-U-S-A model in another series.

The M-ine and U-npack articles provide additional insight into how to actually BE “strangely and unusually eager to learn something“. Or curious.

Be sure to check those out. Then hit The ELEVATOR Lobby to post your thoughts!