The “M” in MUSA

M stands for Mine/Monitor.

This step is all about gathering data. 

Objective information, especially fundamental facts and principles, are primary tools for building an effective *insert chosen word here.

How you go about obtaining information is broken into two equally important categories:

M-ining involves active research; actually digging for and thru information in articles, books, credible internet publications, courses, expert interviews, etc.

This focused exercise can be immensely valuable, but it is important to avoid both extended periods of tunnel vision and exploring rabbit-holes.

M-onitoring is a less active approach to gathering information.  Observing the process allows us to learn where individual M-ining efforts need to be focused.

In this respect, the two methods of obtaining information are not only equally important.  Each is vital to enhancing the effectiveness of the other, independent of learning style.