1) in a particular place
2) existing or occurring now

The English word is derived from two Latin words, prae (before) and esse (be).

If we consider Lao Tzu’s quote in a connotative context, peace is always right in front of us, in the here and now.

Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t spend very much time at all in the here and now.  Our attention is not focused on or invested in the present.

To be present is a decision with immediate impact to both time and space; a decision that removes any distortions from the current reality.

To fully experience a set of circumstances or environment for what it is, simply…


This is applicable for any endeavor/interaction/exchange/relationship worth sustaining.

How do we know if a (insert chosen word here) is worth it?

We will look more into that in our next installment.

Meanwhile, keep going with our daily affirmations and be sure to Be Present as we move forward with the program.

Speaking of which, get caught up on what you may have missed over the holidays.

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